• [Novo]


In a world obsessed with rules, order and being proper, pirates are the true free spirits and the ones who fully understand the meaning of life. Outlaws? Maybe to the ignorant and the ghosts of our times, the ones who merely exist but never live and are to be forgotten by society. I say to truly live and come to one’s final breath with a smile and no regrets, one must be a pirate.

But you see the story of each pirate is a unique one. Some may do it for the plunder, others for the women, still others for the fame. But, the true pirates, the ones living according to the pirate codex are the ones who know of no other way to live. For them it is not a choice nor chance, but rather a destiny.


And destiny is what made the story of a legendary and elusive pirate from the outskirts of the great city of Maribor, a city full of gold and opportunity and clients, so unique. You see our protagonist started off being anything but a pirate in our sense of the word, instead he was a skater, working in a skate shop, selling skate merch. He and his friends quickly realised that they could make their own skate merchandise if the just knew how to print. They started with the heat press sticker printing method and slowly continuing up to silk screening. However by that time, he was alone, the only one willing to take it further. The only free spirit. .


Our pirate was quite happy with the work he was doing with the single press, but was looking for something more. Something that would give him an edge over competition. So as mrs. Fate likes to do, she ensured Mario stumbled upon a baby kraken which he nurtured back to health and well being. This kraken, now a seasoned beast that respects only it’s partner, is the work horse of our business. With it’s eight arms and death stare it is a monster unlike any other. But to be honest, one of the most amazing sights to see is the love and hate relationship between the kraken and the pirate, as seen when the boss is battling the beast while working to catch a deadline for a client.


Together with the kraken, who is sometimes a quite difficult partner, we print anything from the typical pirate flags, to the unconventional tshirts, envelopes, papers.

If you need anything of the printing sort, ping us and we’ll be glad to tame the beast and print it.